Finding Ways to Get More Value Per Bushel

The grain team at FCA/Vision Ag is your partner for getting the most value from every bushel of grain. We bring the knowledge to help deliver more profits to your operation.
We’re here to help whether you’re looking for a strong cash bid, needing freight to help move the harvest, or building your grain marketing plan. With FCA/Vision Ag, we can help you do a complete look at your operation.
Let us work for you to achieve your pricing objectives. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you. 

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Grain Services
  • Grain bank for feed
  • Competitive drying rates
  • Storage at Ainsworth, Libertyville, and Keota
  • Marketing programs and consultation
  • Freight

Maximize Your Profit Potential

Our cooperative spirit ensures your needs are put first. We’re open late during harvest, often including weekends. And we find creative ways to get you more cents for your bushels. For example, we can pool grain from members to:

  • Gain market leverage and receive a better price whether you’re buying or selling grain
  • Achieve the ability to wave discounts
  • Benefit from reduced drying rates

For an extra bump in grain deliveries, work with our precision ag and agronomy team. It’s been proven that doing so helps bump your yields to new levels!

Call on Us for Freight When You Need It Most

In the fall, time is at a premium. That’s why we offer a freight-only program to get our trucks out to you and move soybeans, corn and other grains where they need to go.

This service helps you take advantage of opportunities, like an attractive direct-ship bid. We’ll move the grain from your farm directly to the end user, allowing you to remain focused on harvest. 

Never a Charge for Good Advice

Look to FCA/Vision Ag when you need grain marketing guidance and grain contracts. We’ll help you plan, develop, and implement grain trading strategies at no charge to you.

In addition to cash sales, we offer contracts for forward sales, hedge-to-arrive, basis, delayed pricing, and others. We can also implement options strategies for both sales and purchases. For example, if you know you’re going to need feed in the future, we help you lock in a price through options.

Market Indicator

Our Market Indicator contract captures an average price across the marketing year, from September to March. This is an effective tool for comparing how your other grain marketing strategies are working and it keeps you from getting the lowest prices of the season. Talk to us for more details about the Market Indicator.

Cash Bids