We are the Financial Partner YOU can Trust

The Cooperative Finance Association

Simpli-Fi by CFA will help you navigate your finance needs with a convenient application and loan terms for repayment aligned with your marketing program. A single loan up to $600,000 can finance early purchases, seasonal crop input and agronomic services provided by US!

  • Seasonal Loan
  • All Crop Inputs
  • Support Early Purchases
  • Agronomic Services
  • Convenient and Easy Application

VIP Program - All COOP Purchases

7.00% Variable Interest Rate through 2/29/2024, then

8.00% Variable Interest Rate through 9/30/2024, then

9.50% Variable Interest Rate until 2/15/2025

Maturity -- Loan matures on February 15. 2025

Finance Program -- Subject to CFA Credit approval and $200 loan fee advanced on the loan. 

Application Services -- Application of product qualifies for product finance terms. 

Fuel --  All energy needs for field preparation, planting, harvesting, and irrigation.

For more information contact

Jen Greiner or Logan Bell at the Keota FCA office 

(641) 636-3748

Wyffels Hybrids & Vision Ag LLC Exclusive Interest Rate

- Apply for CFA Loan

- Once approved, you qualify for a 4% interest rate on Wyffels Seed

- 4% until December 31, 2024

- All prepay discounts still apply, same as paying cash

(this interest rate is only good for Wyffels Hybrids Seed, no other brand or product)