Trust Your Business and Your Animals to Our People

The feed team at FCA/Vision Ag is a dedicated group of people who go above and beyond for our customers. 

We genuinely want to see our producers succeed, which is why we place extra emphasis on customer service and providing good, sound, quality nutrition when and where it’s needed. It’s a trusting, customer-focused partnership.
Our five locations are positioned to provide quick delivery to satisfy customer needs. If a customer calls with an immediate need, we will do what we can to get it done that day.

Experience and Expertise

Our team has extensive knowledge in feed operations and nutrition. We work with our producers to complete ration balancing, troubleshooting, breakeven budgeting, and cash flows.

Our people are technically minded, and if we need Ph.D. level nutritional expertise, we call on our partners at Purina and QLF. We also work closely with the FCA/Vision Ag grain team for grain banking, forward contracting grain for feed, and sourcing grain.

Contact our feed department today and let’s talk about how we can work together for your business and animals.

Additional Products & Services

  • On-farm consultation and problem solving
  • In-house ration balancing
  • Feedstuff sampling and interpretation
  • Purina, QLF and Honor Show Chow feeds brands
  • Various show feed bagged ingredients
  • Multiple bulk ingredients stocked in our mills
  • Capability to mix liquid molasses and soy oil in grain mixes
  • Bagging options
  • Pouring bales with QLF
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We offer feed for wean-to-finish pigs and sow nutrition. We source multiple ingredients and offer value-added products as well. Some of these value-added products include:
  • Ambitine – Fed in the last weeks before market this feed helps pigs overcome performance barriers.
  • Enterid – This feed additive helps post-weaned pigs by addressing intestinal challenges. Enterid supports an optimal microbial population to support the pig’s developing gut environment and immune system.
  • FloMatrix – This feed additive helps minimize feed caking or bridging during transportation and storage.
  • OutPace - This feed additive sets the pace for optimal nursery and grower performance by supporting smooth transitions between diets or other common periods of stress.
In addition to feed, we can help source pigs, working through Purina Animal Nutrition. We also help locate barns for people who are looking to have pigs fed.

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Beef Cattle

We offer feed and supplements for all phases of beef production, including cow/calf, feedlot, and backgrounding. We do all our own in-house ration balancing. We also offer tubs, including Purina Wind, and Rain mineral tubs and QLF Ignite. 

Our bulk feed delivery service can often serve your need that same day, but always within 24 hours on weekdays. We cover a 45-mile radius from Keota, and we deliver bulk ingredients, complete feeds, and supplements from Purina.

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Sheep and Goats

We offer the Purina brand of complete mix, supplements, and tubs. We also do ration balancing for sheep and goats. We are unique in that we have a fair amount of employees who have sheep and goats, so we understand their special needs. 

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Show Feeds

We are one of the largest dealers for Purina Honor Show Chow feed in Iowa. We also offer Purina High Octane supplements to keep your animals at their best, whether that’s cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits.