Our Vision in Precision - VIP

Every field has variability. How you manage that variability makes all the difference. Our goal with the VIP program is to help you make better decisions by managing variability for a greater return on investment (ROI) on every acre.


We’ve been involved with precision ag since the mid-1990s, and today this innovative approach to farming holds more potential than ever. The VIP program demonstrates our commitment to investing in the people and technology that allows precision ag to fully deliver on its promise.


We employ a full-time precision ag manager who brings expertise and understanding to benefit your operation. And we’ve implemented new software, including FieldReveal and AgSync to improve productivity and efficiency.

Being a VIP has its Perks!

- VIP Member Only Pricing

- Increased Field-By-Field Management

- Unlimited Variable Rate Fertilizer Recommendations

- Unlimited Variable Rate Seed Recommendations

- Flat-Rate Check Strips Available

- End-of-Season Yield Analysis Reports

Soil Sampling

Grid Sampling

Grid sampling is a simple and unbiased method for site-specific soil management. After soil samples are pulled, georeferenced, and analyzed, a map is created by assigning soil test values to a grid, revealing soil nutrient levels and variability. 

Grid size typically depends on economics and desired variability. Smaller grid sizes provide a better understanding of field's variation, while large grids are generally used for manure management plans. 

Hybridized Grid Sampling

Hybridized grids uses the same approach as a standard grid mission, but takes it a step further. 

With our Hybridized approach, we take the grid data and overlay it on top of a zone map. This gives the grower ability to use multiple yield goals across the field for more intense management strategies and great ROI on every acre. 

Benefits of Hybridized Grids:

- Use any grid size layout

- Use existing grid soil sample data

- Set variable yield goals

- Same maps can be used for VR fertilizer and seed prescriptions

Zone Sampling

Fields are zoned with up to five management zones, creating our Vision Ag zone map. 

Our zone maps may include up to two topography zones (Zone 1, 2, or 3) and low, medium, or high yield-potential zones (Zone 5, 8, or 11). Topography and a yield-potential layer are used to create the management zones. The yield-potential layer is established using satellite imagery or yield data. Topography data is derived from LiDAR, which is an optical remote sensing technology. 

Zone Sampling Benefits:

- Multiple yield goals to manage the variability across each field 

- Sampling points are georeferenced for better tracking year after year

- Zones are composite sampled with 8-10 points per zone

- Less expensive than standard grid sampling

- Same maps can be used for VR fertilized and seed prescriptions

Our Partners

We are proud to have SoilView as our trusted soil sampling partner. 

We are proud to work with FieldReveal & AgSync to improve productivity and efficiency with their software programs.