Grow Your Profits With Our People

The strength of FCA/Vision Ag's agronomy services starts with our hard-working and knowledgeable team. The goal is simple: to help our farmers be as successful as they can be.
Our team includes several Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs), and our experienced people know local soils to provide sound agronomic advice. We know what’s going on in the area agronomically, and what it takes to be successful.
Talk to one of our agronomy team members, and let’s see how we can work for your farm.

Custom Application

The time windows around planting and harvest seem to get tighter every year. That’s why we invest in our people and our fleet of equipment to make sure we’re there for our customers when they need us the most.

Our custom application services are built around accuracy and efficiency. We regularly add new equipment and upgrade our technology to be as efficient as possible, down to the individual nozzle. Rest assured, the job will be done right and on time.

Input Financing

We offer John Deere Financing for seed and crop protection purchases. Talk to an FCA/Vision Ag agronomy team member for details.

Our Vision in Precision - VIP

Every field has variability. How you manage that variability makes all the difference. Our goal with the VIP program is to help you make better decisions by managing variability for a greater return on investment (ROI) on every acre.
We’ve been involved with precision ag since the mid-1990s, and today this innovative approach to farming holds more potential than ever. The VIP program demonstrates our commitment to investing in the people and technology that allows precision ag to fully deliver on its promise.
We employ a full-time precision ag manager who brings expertise and understanding to benefit your operation. And we’ve implemented new software, including FieldReveal and AgSync to improve productivity and efficiency.

Going Beyond Soil Sampling

With new tools and an evolving approach to our precision ag offering, we’re excited about having conversations with you to explain how the technology at FCA/Vision Ag can perform for your farm. 

Soil sampling is the first step to understanding nutrient variability in each field. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to soil sampling, so we utilize multiple management strategies to fit your needs. 

We offer grid sampling, zone sampling, and hybridized grids. With this strategy, we can utilize previous or new grid data and overlay that information on a zone map. This allows you to apply multiple yield goals across the field to help manage the natural variability and increase your ROI on every acre.

From there we can create maps to variable-rate apply fertilizer, nitrogen and seed where they’ll deliver the best return. Let’s shoot for yield goals you want to hit in each field, not just what you’ve done in the past, and put the money on the parts of the field that will generate the best return.

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Crop Protection

It doesn’t take many weeds to rob profits from your fields or many insects to destroy a crop. FCA/Vision Ag agronomists have a start-clean to finish-clean mentality, which protects your fields throughout the season.

We offer a broad selection of crop protection products from multiple companies. This allows our agronomists to develop a plan specific to each of your fields and apply the most appropriate product at the ideal time. We’ll help you match the right herbicides for each field, the right fungicide to each hybrid, and when the situation arises, the right insecticide to your insect problems.
We provide bulk, mini-bulk, and prepackaged products to fit your individual needs.

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When you work with FCA/Vision Ag for your plant nutrition needs, you gain access to an experienced, knowledgeable team. 

We have access to the latest technology to make sure the right product goes on at the right rate on the right acres. FieldReveal is our precision program for writing fertilizer prescriptions to make sure the right product goes on at the right rate on the right acres.

We offer a complete line of plant nutrients to meet the unique demands of each of your fields. In addition to macronutrients, we offer micronutrients, biologicals, nitrogen stabilizers, and nutrient enhancement products like Avail, which makes phosphate more available, improves uptake and enhance performance.

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Today’s seed genetics are more productive and heartier than ever. To choose the hybrids and varieties with the best genetic potential for your acres, look to the team at FCA/Vision Ag.

Our experienced people have access to a wide selection of seed brands, and they understand which numbers perform best on which soils. We utilize local plots to assess seed products, and we rely heavily on Answer Plot data as well. 

We also realize the key to success is how the seed is handled after it’s planted. We make sure the plant gets what it needs to thrive, and we utilize in-season crop monitoring to gauge its progress.