Our Energy Makes a Difference

FCA/Vision Ag is the preferred choice for southeastern Iowa for high-quality fuels, lubricants, and propane.
Every product is backed by our customer-focused approach and you can count on us to deliver the expertise and attention to detail whenever you need us.
Contact us today to learn how we can serve your energy needs.

Master the Fields and Roads

Today’s equipment and over-the-road trucks are more sophisticated than ever. That’s why it pays to use premium Cenex fuels and lubricants to protect your investment and your livelihood.

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Premium Diesel

Get the most out of your equipment with our premium diesel fuels: Ruby Fieldmaster, which is dyed for off-road use and Roadmaster for highway use.

These premium products have been shown to restore power by 4.5%, restore fuel economy by 5%, and clean injectors and boost lubricity to reduce costly downtime.

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We offer gasoline at County Line Mart in Keota. Grades include super unleaded, unleaded with no alcohol, premium unleaded with no alcohol, and E85.

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Bulk Fuels

When you need bulk fuel at home, on the farm, or construction site...we’re ready to serve. 

We deliver fuel from three locations: Keota, Stockport and Libertyville. You can also pick up bulk fuel in Keota or fill up with Roadmaster at all three locations. There is a Cardtrol system available in Keota and Stockport for after-hours purchases of road fuels.

We also have the capability to do remote fuel monitoring. Please talk to us for details on whether this service is an option for you.

We’re proud to offer Cenex lubricants and fluids and we carry both packaged products and bulk. We also handle packaged and bulk DEF. Ask us about bulk deliveries of bulk lubricants and fuels.

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Bulk Fuel Discounts

We offer price discounts for bulk fuel purchases depending on how much you order, how you pay and how much notice you give us.

• Receive a 1-cent/gallon discount when you give us a 24-hour notice.

• Receive a 1-cent/gallon discount with a 500-gallon delivery order; 3-cents/gallon discount for 1000-gallons; and 6-cent/gallon discount for 2000 gallons. 

• Receive a 4-cent/gallon discount when you purchase with cash or check. Please ask for details on cash purchases.

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Fuel Contracts

With the increasingly volatile cost of inputs, a contract helps alleviate price surprises while allowing you to better budget and set break evens for your farm.
FCA/Vision Ag writes diesel fuel contracts, which can be especially valuable during busy times in the spring and fall. Contact us for more details about contracting. 

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Cenex Total Protection Plan Warranty

Cenex fuels and lubricants are the best available and they are backed by an industry-best warranty. The Total Protection Plan warranty covers your new or used ag equipment for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours when you exclusively use Ruby Fieldmaster premium diesel and Cenex lubricants. 

You get unsurpassed coverage, while ensuring that only high-quality energy products go into your equipment.


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