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Karissa Gilchrist 
Job Title: Receptionist, Bookeeper, and Billing
 10 years of service 
Karissa Gilchrist has worked at the Farmers Co-op and Vision Ag in Ainsworth for 10 years now and works as the locations receptionist. She is in charge of answering phones, taking feed orders, billing customers both on FCA side and Vision Ag side, and filing all the necessary paperwork. Karissa's favorite part about her job is the fun and flexible work envirornment and her co-workers.  Outside of work Karissa enjoys spending time with her family whether that be spending time with her 5 kids or with one of her 4 sisters and their families! She also enjoys shopping and boating and being on the water whenever she can!
Thank you for all your hard work Karissa!


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Whats Happening at FCA & Vision Ag LLC

September 30th our Purina Reps, Deb Klopfenstein, Jeff Sprouse, and Craig Beinhart put on an informational meeting about Purina products and how we as FCA employees can take the new given information and apply it to our everyday roles to better help our customers find the right feeds that will benefit their operations and goals. Weaning season is coming and we went over Purina's Starter Lines and Stress Tubs that have Availa 4 in them and the differences between the lines. The advantages of the Purina Starter Lines that we will be carrying at our FCA locations is that the feed itself is highly palatable and promotes early intake to get the calves eating sooner, helps to support their immune systems, shows signs of sickness earlier in calves, and improves the rumen fucntion and status. If anyone has any questions or are interested in knowing more about the feeds we will be carrying at our locations don't hesitate to call or come in and talk to someone about them. We are more than happy to help you figure out what products will work best for your opertion and goals.  

Friday September 11th the Ainsworth FCA/ Vision Ag held a golf outing at the golf course in Columbus Junction for their customer appreciation day. Although the weather wasn't ideal there was still a good crowd and golf was still played. Lunch was excellant and was catered by Jerry & Margie Sweeting and included steak and pork loin sandwhiches, cheesy hash browns, cole slaw, and cookies. Everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoyed themselves. We cant wait until next year and want to thank everyone that came out and our sponsors for helping us make this day happen for our customers and employees!

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Local Cash Bids
Ainsworth Delivery Cash    
 Corn Oct 31, 20  
 Soybeans Oct 31, 20  
Keota Delivery Cash    
 Corn Oct 31, 20  
 Soybeans - Direct Oct 31, 20  
Libertyville Delivery Cash    
 Corn Oct 31, 20  
 Soybeans Oct 31, 20  
Sigourney Delivery Cash    
 Corn Oct 31, 20  
 Soybeans - Direct Oct 31, 20  
Price as of 10/20/20 05:55AM CDT.
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Crop Protection

One weed that is begining to be seen in many fields and is causing problems for producers this season is waterhemp and is common along the field edges and waterway edges. Waterhemp has a competive advantage over other summer annual weeds based on the number of plants that can infest a single area and their rapid growth rate. Waterhemp will ypically grow about 1 to 1.25 inches per day. This allows the seedlings to acquire more sunlight than other weeds and more importantly your crops. The spread of waterhemp is also an issue we face as one plant can generally produce 250,000 seeds that can easily be transported by contaminated machinery, birds, and through the spread of poultry litter as fertilizer. While waterhemp has evolved and has become resistant to many different classes of herbicides, there are still some steps you can take to help get rid of it. In-season residuals like Outlook and Warrant can be used to help control it, along with deep tillage to disrupt the seed bed, fall cover crops, consistant crop scouting, and talking with your agronomists and letting them know about your bean traits in order to create a solid plan of attack. 

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