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Bailey Walsh
Job Title: Grain Merchandiser Assistant and Social Media Person
 1 year of service on July 23rd
For those of you who don't know me, my name is Bailey Walsh and I work at the Farmer's Co-op and Vision Ag in Ainsworth, although you might see me filling in over in Sigourney at times. I have been with the Co-op for just under a year now and work along side our grain merchandiser, Joni Sandburg, learing the ins and outs of buying and selling grain.  Besides working with Joni, I run the Co-op's website and social media pages, type up The Choice newsletter that is sent out each month with statements, help with billing, and am in charge of the employee uniform orders. My favorite part about my job is getting to update the website and the socail media pages and come up with new ideas and ways to keep our customers infromed.  Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, and going to Hobby Lobby! I would like to thank everyone for making my first year here a part of Farmer's Co-op and Vision Ag so awesome!  Thank you all so much!


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Whats Happening at FCA & Vision Ag LLC

The Sigourney Farmer's Co-op, Vision Ag, and Purina sponsored breakfast for the Sigourney Expo this Friday morning. Pictured above is Jess Smith, Craig Beinhart, and Jeff Sprouse serving dounuts and muffins to the 4-H and FFA youth.  

The Sigourney Community is getting a new well deversed Co-op office. The new office is located just west of the mill. The second accent wall recently went up and was made out of old wood from the orignal mill and includes two old doors they were able to take out of the mill as well! It looks amazing, and Jess and the guys are so excited they were able to use some of the old material and bring a part of the original buildings history with them into the new space. The counter tops went in and were also made from wood from the mill and the first coat of epoxy went on yesterday along with the tin for the front of the counter.The sigourney employees are getting so excited for it to all come together and for everyone to be able to come see the finished product! 
There will be more pictures to come as progress continues! 

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Local Cash Bids
Ainsworth Delivery Cash    
 Corn Aug 31, 20  
 Soybeans Aug 31, 20  
Keota Delivery Cash    
 Corn Aug 31, 20  
 Soybeans - Direct Aug 31, 20  
Libertyville Delivery Cash    
 Corn Aug 31, 20  
 Soybeans Aug 31, 20  
Sigourney Delivery Cash    
 Corn Aug 31, 20  
 Soybeans - Direct Aug 31, 20  
Price as of 08/03/20 12:05PM CDT.
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Crop Protection

One weed that is begining to be seen in many fields and is causing problems for producers this season is waterhemp and is common along the field edges and waterway edges. Waterhemp has a competive advantage over other summer annual weeds based on the number of plants that can infest a single area and their rapid growth rate. Waterhemp will ypically grow about 1 to 1.25 inches per day. This allows the seedlings to acquire more sunlight than other weeds and more importantly your crops. The spread of waterhemp is also an issue we face as one plant can generally produce 250,000 seeds that can easily be transported by contaminated machinery, birds, and through the spread of poultry litter as fertilizer. While waterhemp has evolved and has become resistant to many different classes of herbicides, there are still some steps you can take to help get rid of it. In-season residuals like Outlook and Warrant can be used to help control it, along with deep tillage to disrupt the seed bed, fall cover crops, consistant crop scouting, and talking with your agronomists and letting them know about your bean traits in order to create a solid plan of attack. 

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