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Alan Temple
Job Title: Salesmen 
 6 Year of Service
Alan has been apart of the Ainsworth FCA and Vision Ag LLC  location for 6 six years now and works as a one of our Agronomist Salesmen. He works with farmers and producers to create fertilizer management plans that suit their crop needs and creates the blend/mix sheets for the applicators to use when they are spraying chemicals, spreading dry, or putting on anhydrous. Alan says his favorite part about his job is mixing the chemicals and being able to help farmers make sure they are getting everything they need to have successful crop seasons. Outside of work Alan enjoys watching his favorite hockey team, the St Louis Blues, playing video games and reading. Thank you for your hard work Alan!

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Whats Happening at FCA & Vision Ag LLC

Ainsworth Manager Brian Wood, and myself went and talked with the Highland FFA program about getting the ball rolling on what they wanted to do and accomplish this crop season. We talked with the kids about what form or forms of nitrogen they wanted to apply this spring, how to figure out how much they need, and the cost differences between the different forms. We also discussed doing tissue sampling with the kids in the summer along with soil samples and doing tillage after harvest in the fall. Another meeting date was disscussed and is being planned for after anhydrous is applied to dicuss what they want to do as far as planting and what seed(s) they want to use for the 2020 crop season. 

Community Involvement
Saturday, March 7th the Opera House in Ainsworth held a free screening of the independent film, Silo, that was open to the puplic. The film covered grain safety and how quickly things can go wrong when working on or inside grain bins. Following the film Ainsworth Manager, Brian Wood and a couple of Ainsworth's volunteer firefighers talked about different situations that can cause grain entrapments, ways to minimize the risk of grain bin incidents, and took questions from the aduiance regarding grain bin safety and ways to reduce the risk of these incidents on their own farm. A few simple ways to prevent grain entrapments are, letting others know you are going into a bin, making sure all the power is shut off to that bin by using "lock out tag out", and using some sort of harness system whenever entering any bin.  

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Local Cash Bids
Ainsworth Delivery Cash    
 Corn Apr 30, 20  
 Soybeans Apr 30, 20  
Keota Delivery Cash    
 Corn Apr 30, 20  
 Soybeans - Direct Apr 30, 20  
Libertyville Delivery Cash    
 Corn Apr 30, 20  
 Soybeans Apr 30, 20  
Sigourney Delivery Cash    
 Corn Apr 30, 20  
 Soybeans - Direct Apr 30, 20  
Price as of 04/09/20 08:27PM CDT.
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Crop Protection

Spring is on its' way and it's a great time to start thinking about incorperating some Nitrogen Stabilizers into your 2020  fertilizer plan(s). We offer N-Serve for Anhdryous Ammonia, NutriSphere-QDO for Urea, and NutriSphere-NHV for UAN. These products help to keep your nitrogen available to your crops and keep it in the soil where you want it instead of losing it to denitrification, leaching, or volatizing.  Stop in to any of our locations to talk with our agronomists to figure out the best plan of action for your crops.

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