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Brad Metz   
Job Title: Applicator  
 6 years of employment 

Brad Metz has been working at the Ainsworth Farmers Coop and Vision Ag for 6 years as an applicator. Brads enjoys working with farmers and producers, helping them to get fertilizers and chemicals applied to their fields when needed to for better crop growth and production. Outside of work Brad enjoys spending time with his friends and family and working on the family farm with his dad. 
Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication Brad!

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Whats Happening at FCA & Vision Ag LLC

Progress continues with the add on of the feed shed in Ainsworth. The finished product will allow for the guys to be able to work and do maintance on machinery in a heated shop in the winter! More pictures to come as work continues!

CPR & First Aid Training 
Farmers Coop and Vision Ag Employees who volunteered for a basic first aid and CPR training was held on Wednesday February 10th in Sigourney. The training consisted of going over the correct actions and protocols when delivering CPR and first aid in diferent situations that can occur in our everyday work environment. Everyone who participated was able to put their newly learned skills to the test afterwards on adult and infant practicing dummies. Everyone who attended is now CPR and First Aid certified. 

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Vision Ag Updates


Local Cash Bids
Ainsworth Delivery Cash    
 Corn Apr 30, 21  
 Soybeans Apr 30, 21  
Keota Delivery Cash    
 Corn Apr 30, 21  
 Soybeans - Direct Apr 30, 21  
Libertyville Delivery Cash    
 Corn Apr 30, 21  
 Soybeans Apr 30, 21  
Sigourney Delivery Cash    
 Corn Apr 30, 21  
 Soybeans - Direct Apr 30, 21  
Price as of 04/13/21 01:33AM CDT.
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Crop Protection
Nitrogen Stabilizers: Spring is just around the corner and that means anhydrous season will be here before we know it. That being said we would like to encourage all of our producers to think about adding nitrogen stabilizers to your fertilizers this year such as N-Serve, NW Charge G, and Nutrishpere-NHV. Adding these products decreases your risks against volatilization, leaching, and denitrification by keeping the nitrgoen in its' ammonia form for as long as possible.  

Prepay: If you have not gotten any prepay done this year yet and wish to do so, there is still time. The fertilizer market is volatile and looks as if it is only going to continue to go up in price as grian prices continue to rise. Prepaying now for your spring inputs will save you money and give you a better chance to take advantage of the rising grain prices to lock in a larger profit for the upcoming year. Contact your Vison Ag Agronomists and talk to them about finalizing your prepay and chemical options that will best fit with your operation(s) plans for the upcoming 2021 crop season while many chemical companies are still offereing 0% financing. Chemical and Fertilizer plans can alwasy be changed but prepaying now allows us to make sure we will have all the chemicals/fertilizers on hand needed for the upcoming season. 

Soybean Traits: The soybean sales have been interesting this winter with Xtend, Xtend Flex, Enlist, and Liberty-roundup Combinations being sold this year putting pressure on customers making their purchases. We have seen some confusion on what is being purchased in relation to what chemicals would be sprayed. This could lead to some major issues if you dont know what seed you are purchasing and where you are planting those traits. Also please remember to ask your neighbors what kind of soybean traits they are using, so we do not have any drift issues. If you have any questions regarding your bean traits don't hesitate to give us a call. 


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